Friday Felines

While Facebook does have it’s downsides, one of the things I do love about it are the “memories”; the postings you can review each day that show you what you posted on that day in years past.

The other day, these pics of Relic popped up.

They were from 2015, and it was our very first meeting. If you look closely, you can see he wasn’t quite full grown yet, but he was close. (So I’ve pegged his age accurately.) He didn’t have the big tom cat jowls yet, and he was a little less muscular.

After that meeting, I only saw him every month or so, until that fateful spring in 2017 when he showed up a little under the weather. After a few days I was able to gain is trust and then he was back more or less every day. And of course, the rest is history!

As the garden grows

Join me for a little stroll around the garden…


The weather remains hot and sticky, but the roses are still trying their best. This one is Scentimental. The flowers are quite small – almost mini rose size. It will be interesting to see if they get larger as the plant matures.


Garden Party put up another bloom too. It’s such a classic creamy colour, I love it.


But Navy Lady is the one that’s really showing off. Look at these huge red clusters!


The Black-Eyed Susans are putting on their seasonal show. These ones are out back, but next year, I’m going to put some out front. They are such a lovely bit of late summer colour.


The Crimson Dwarf Sunflowers are neither Crimson, nor really dwarf (they are about four feet now), but oh well. They are pretty none-the-less.


After it’s near death experience this spring, the Butterfly bush has bounced back beautifully. It’s so nice to see blooms on it.


And last, these pretty two-toned Snap Dragons make me smile every time I step out the door.

I love my little garden land!


In a jam

My favourite apron is on so it’s time to get messy!


It’s jam time!


My blackberry bush yielded just enough fruit for one batch of blackberry jam.


Seven cups of sugar….


And some stirring and boiling later….


Seven and a half jars of blackberry heaven – perfect for spreading on toast!

FO: Kitty cat hat

Another FO for the fair (I love small projects)

This time around, a Kitty Cat Hat (for the child’s hat category). You can read about the history of these hats  in our family here.

This one is for a child of about six years, and luckily, Roxy has a small enough head to model it.  I used Patons Classic wool in “Commotion” and the colours remind me of a nice, vibrant sunset.

With this, I have 10 projects done and ready for the fair. I entered 11 last year, so I’m pleased with my progress. There’s still about three and a half weeks left to complete a few more!

On the downward slope


I am closing in on the end of the chenille baby blanket. There’s decreasing at each end of every other row now, so as long as I keep at it, this one will be off the needles soon. I’m trying to do a row or four every night, but it doesn’t always happen.

But with any luck, you’ll see an FO post sometime next week!

Sunday strangeness

I’ve shown you plenty of weird things that happen in my garden, but I’ve got a new one for you.

Remember those pretty orange Coneflowers that bloomed a month or so ago…


A nice pretty orange right?

Well a few days went by and they got a little darker orange…


…that’s not totally abnormal… and they were still orange.

But then a few weeks later…


….um… okay… still a little orange around the centre, but those petals are looking suspiciously pink…

and then later still…39032121_10160706908040243_5056854327776247808_o.jpg… definitely pink. Dark pink.

And yes, those are all the same flowers – coneflower blooms last a very long time.

And if you needed more proof…


Here’s the same plant with the old flowers and a new orange bloom…

What a wonderful weird world we live in.



Little stitchers

Mom had the munchkins this past week (though they aren’t really munchkins and more… one is 10 and one is 15… how did that happen?).

They, of course, hit the sewing machines.

Miss Paisley made this rather complicated clutch wallet.

When they showed me the pattern, I was dubious. It looked crazy difficult. But I should know better. Miss Paisley is exceedingly bright and excels at anything she puts her mind to.

Miss Rowan rummaged through Mom’s charm pack collection and made this very fashionable tiered skirt.

It’s from this MSQ tutorial, and you won’t be surprised to know that Miss Rowan did mostly  by herself. She had a little help from Mom on the gathering and waist band, but otherwise it’s all her own work.

The talent runs strong in this pair!