Fall roses

You don’t really think of roses as cool weather plants, but while they enjoy the sun, they don’t like the sweltering heat.

This summer was hard on them (as it was on me), but now that the humidity as abated, the days are sunny, the nights are crisp, and the roses are showing off again. And I am so happy for it! Just one more thing to love about fall.



We’ve had a few new visitors to the yard this month


This guy, with the fantastic antennae is a Gladiator Katydid. And he’s a biggie! He is easily the length of my middle finger, if not a little longer. He was hanging out on the Hollyhock leaves and I almost missed him – he blended in so well.


While I was photographing this fantastic yard monster, I caught some movement below out of the corner of my eye…


This little Red-Legged Grasshopper hopped over to the Liatris at my feet, as if to say… I want my picture taken too.


And he posed so nicely! He was only about half the size of Mr. Katydid… but he’s just as impressive.

Returning to the Empire

The humidity has finally abated (and it’s looking like for good…), the leaves are starting to turn and there’s a beautiful crispness in the air.

It was time to return to the Empire Line Cardigan.


I have just the sleeves left, and this project has been on the needles since February of last year. I don’t like to let projects linger beyond a year, and this one is well beyond that!

I’ve promised myself that I’ll do a pattern repeat (8 rows) each night at a minimum… that should get it done in a few weeks!

Follow to the top


The top for Follow the Leader is together, and I couldn’t be more happy. I love everything about this one. The pattern, the scrappiness… it went together so well. It’s definitely a pattern I will use again.

(Also, did you notice that from this view… the HST pathways look like a pretzel? Yum! Now I want one!)

Now it’s packed in a bag with it’s back and binding, awaiting my next trip to Mom’s. It also means I’m down to six projects in boxes, so I’m feeling a bit better!

Halfway to Mimico

Since finishing the fair projects, I’ve been monogamous with my knitting (don’t worry, it won’t last long.)

As a result…IMG_9452

The first Mimico sock is done!. I’m so pleased with it. The colour, the lace…


It’s just the perfect sock project! As I mentioned, there’s only two patterns left to finish – this one and Burlington.  have an special idea for the photography for the ebook – but if I want to get the ebook out before the end of this year, I need to have the photography done before the snow hits… that means I have to get moving on these last two pairs!

Wish me luck!

QotG check-in

First… quick fair update – Octopus and Cardigan were safe and sound on item pick up. Phew! And as an added bonus – Octopus won first place!

Now.. back to business!

QotG = Quilts on the Go

As I’ve mentioned before… I have five boxes that hold my QotGs in their various stages of completion. The idea is that if the boxes are full, I can’t start any more projects.

I’ve been told by many quilters that Leader and Ender projects don’t really count… but they still need a box… and eventually they stop being L&E projects and you have to start assembling them into an actual top (and then you also need a NEW L&E project). Which is, I’m afraid… what’s happened to me.

I already showed you Dave’s Grandma’s quilt last week…. and now the nine patches are all done…


They are quite large, so they will get some simple sashing and a plain border (I’m thiking light blue for both). I’m calling this one Scrappage Patch.

And as for that new L&E project…. I’ve still got lots of 4″ blocks left from the first two L&E projects, so I figured why not make a bunch of HSTs, and put together something like Araignee’s Thangles quilt. It looks fun and crazy and scrappy… just perfect for L&Es.

But now that means I have SEVEN project boxes!!!

The boxes contain:

  • Disappearing hourglasses: This project still doesn’t have a proper name (any suggestions). The blocks are all done, it just needs a free weekend to assemble the top
  • Autumn in the Country: Still awaiting borders – This quilt is for the living room (and we already have two), so it’s not a huge priority
  • Scrappy cabins: Getting closer to being finished… need to finish the last of the green and purple blocks.
  • Follow the Leader: As shown last week, the blocks are all done. I’ve been assembling them into nine patches, one row at a time, so this top should be together soon
  • Scrappage Patch. As mentioned above, the nine patches are all done. Just need to get some sashing fabric, and assemble the top.
  • Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds: Four patches are done. Need a free weekend to assemble the top.
  • Leader and Ender project  (Many HSTs): Just started… got a long way to go on this one.

Gee… I really need finish a couple tops…. STAT!