Hanging in there

Fall is marching on, but the weather has been mostly good and the garden is hanging in there.

Clockwise from top Left:

  1. The Peach Dalmation Foxglove is having a last gasp. I really hope it comes back.
  2. The Beard Tongue is such a neat looking plant. It blooms with both pink and purple flowers… I think this bunch looks like a troupe of trumpeters.
  3. You  know I have snapdragons throughout my garden, but I think these pinkish white ones are my favourite. I’ve saved some seeds in the hope of having them again next year.
  4. Sedum… the staple of the fall garden. I’ve got this dark pink beauty throughout the gardens thanks to Samantha.
  5. The colour-change Coneflowers are still blooming. I think I like them best at this in-between colour.
  6. I have the pincushion plant in two colours – purple, and this pale pink here. I love them both. Such a unique plant that blooms from spring to fall.
  7. Ah, catnip. I’ve got tonnes of it, and it just keeps blooming!

And speaking of hanging around….

Thanks to mom, I’m the proud owner of an antique bird cage… and two little quartz doves. I’ve wanted one of these for a while… they can be quite expensive, so I asked Mom to keep her eyes out for one at a good price… and as always… Mom delivered. It’s on the small size, but it’s just perfect for a garden project I’ve been wanting for a very long time. Now I just have to decide… flowers or succulents?

Of course, I have until spring to make a decision…. but what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Hanging in there

  1. Araignee

    Those doves gave me a real turn. My mom had a pair that she kept on her coffee table when I was a kid and I know this sounds weird but I used to lick them. I haven’t thought about those birds in ages.
    You asked me about more sun for gardening, and sadly no. Those trees were just a drop in the tree bucket. We only took out the big ones that could kill us if they fell on the house but there are still plenty of smaller ones left. I am worried about the AC bill next year. The sky opening right over the roof is bigger. Maybe I could start a roof garden? Lol…..


  2. Shirley

    Wow! Your flower gardens have really done exceptionally well. It’s so rewarding when the plants thrive. I really, really envy you for the cooler weather you are having. My area has another week of above average temperatures. Just hot and muggy though that did not stop me from putting out fall quilts, pumpkins, etc. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Wow you cannot go wrong either way. I like the succulents!
    Our patch of yellow faced yellow susans? are continuing to bloom and brighten the yard. THe hummingbirds are gone. Makes me sad.
    I am going to dig up some mini poms for a friend who wants a no lose flower for next year. Someone gave them to me last year and they have just gone crazy from seed.
    The clematis was so tired of the heat. As our temps have cooled they are abloom again. 🙂 So that’s nice. Friends gave us a lovely yellow mum plant that opens more each day. it is outside the kitchen window. I’ll put in the ground before the frost. And if this wasnt a long enough comment: we are waiting for the nursery to come and plant our new WILLOW tree .


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