Friday Felines – Relic’s gotcha day!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a full year since Relic became an official member of the Wandering Cat Clan.

This is how he looked when he first showed up at our door in spring 2017


A little rough around the edges, with fleas, an upper respiratory infection and something wrong with his mouth. While it was always my plan to win his trust enough to get him to a vet, it was the sweet wiles he worked on Dave that made him a permanent member of the family.


Now he’s happy, healthy, and flea-free! But I’m afraid in the last year, we’ve made him a little too happy. When we had him neutered, he was a hefty (but appropriate for his size) 17 lbs. At his vet visit last week, he was an eye popping 21.5 lbs.


All that steady feed and all those comfy, safe naps have made him a little too rotund. It’s amazing how much can happen in a year!

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