I like big rocks, and I cannot lie…

The other day, contractors came to put in new posts for the new fence we are getting. They used a great big noisy auger machine to dig the holes, and in the process pulled up a few big rocks.

After they left for the day, you can bet your bottom I ran out and rolled those rocks over to my patio


The big one is about the size of a volleyball, the smaller about the size of a grapefruit. The need to be cleaned up, but aren’t they just oozing potential for garden decor? I’m going to leave them outside for the winter, the elements can do the cleaning for a season, and come spring Ill decide exactly how I want to use them. I think that big one is going to be painted up and put in the sidewalk garden.

Speaking of gardens, despite the cooler weather, there’s still flowers (beyond the roses) hanging in there.

Both the sage and the lavender are having one last gasp and putting up a few small blooms

The various blanketflowers will bloom right to the first strong frost.

The chrysanthemums are looking fabulous, and the pincushion plants are still popping out flowers too


And last, but definitely not least – another toad lily has bloomed! Oh how I love these little flowers.

It’s hard to say how much longer the blooms will hang in for. The weather is definitely turning. If it weren’t for my collection of warm woolies, there would have been several days where I’d have had to turn on the heat! I’m trying to hold out to November though…

7 thoughts on “I like big rocks, and I cannot lie…

  1. Araignee

    No warm woolies for me thanks to this miserable poison ivy. I can’t even enjoy the cold spell. Putting on any clothes is torture so the heat is on here. Ugh.
    You’ve got so many pretty things still hanging on. I am so surprised.


  2. Always love your flower photos! I LOVE toad lilies but every gardener I hire (I know, poor me, but I have no time to garden anymore) seems to think they are weeds and pull them out. I think I need to make one flower bed that’s my own and plant everything in it that people like to kill, and never let anyone else touch it, lol.

    We have so many great rocks here at the farm. Wish I could send you some! Luc picked out a beauty for Keaton’s resting place.


  3. We brought a small rock back from Colorado, it has quartz in it, so pretty, but it’s only a softball size. We also brought 2 pieces of weathered wood, snarly type branches for the garden. The rock isn’t big enough to see so I have it in the house.


  4. That toad lily is beautiful!

    You’ll be happy to know I planted that little potted lavender in my garden and it is doing VERY well. It didn’t rebloom (like yours), but the plant looks very hardy and happy.

    Enjoy your new rocks! LOL


  5. Shirley

    Oh, yes, those rocks needed to be rescued! So much potential there. Each group of photos of your flowers is prettier than the previous photos. Such pretty, happy blooms. We have a frost advisory for tonight. I am loving the cooler weather and have already turned on the heat.


  6. Are you kidding?!? ROCKS!
    I love them, want HUGE ones (but no way to transport them). I have a whole cardboard box full of rocks that I’ve collected, and now The Hubby wants me to do something with them. What?


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