Swanning around

I finally had enough energy to get into the sewing room this weekend. And I found out that one of the anticipated babies is going to be a girl, so I decided to switch tracks a little.


I had this pretty little collection in a charm pack. And a charm pack is just perfect for the baby  Moda Love quilt. It just needs a complimentary background colour.

And you know me… I don’t like to be conventional when it comes to babies, so I chose grey. Now it’s not a crazy as it seems…. grey is showing up more and more in baby things (though more so for boys), and this baby’s Mama is quite partial to the shade.

That said, I wasn’t completely sold on it until I started getting my HSTs together.


And once I got the first quadrant together,  I was completely in love.


Conventional – maybe not – but elegantly beautiful? Absolutely! I think this one is going to be just perfect when it’s done!

8 thoughts on “Swanning around

  1. Shirley

    Your fabrics are so beautiful that you could pair any color with them. I love the grey and use the Kona greys in a lot of my scrap quilts. Think it is perfect for a baby quilt and it will make it more timeless, just a little elegant. You are really getting a lot accomplished!


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