2019 Knitting Goals

I completely failed on last year’s knitting goal of releasing new designs, so I’m just going to bring it forward and use it for this year’s goal.

I have lots of designs more or less ready to go. Some need some re-knitting, some need sizes worked out, and some just need the pattern typed up and formatted. I just need to commit to getting that done. 2019 is the year!


The On the Go designs are probably the most complete, so you’ll probably see them first.

But I’ve also got a few cardigans…

They are Queen Mab, Cygnet, and Wildflowers

I also need to work out some sizes for the Posey Bonnet.


Which should be a quick little task.

And last, but not least…


A seamless version of the kitty cat hat (Modeled hear by Miss Wren.)

And of course, there’s always new designs swimming around my head… so bring on the New Year! I’m ready!


4 thoughts on “2019 Knitting Goals

  1. Shirley

    That array of socks is just beautiful – the socks themselves and the composition of the photo. You really created some lovely knitted items in 2018. You should feel so proud of your accomplishments.


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