Clearing out Autumn

On New Year’s Eve (day), I took the opportunity to get the studio in order, and clear out a few small projects so I could start the new year fresh.

Autumn A-Whirl was one of those projects. It just needed its borders, and the fabric had arrived mid-December, so it was time to get it done.

IMG_4786I put a nice wide, 6″ border of this beautiful batik on it. (and I still have a nice big chunk of it left.)  It’s still a small quilt – probably a little larger than lap size – but it’s a wonderful gathering of all those gorgeous fabrics!


My Snoopervisor has thoroughly inspected it, and given his approval. Which is good – once quilted, it will cover the blanket box at the end of the bed, which is where Mr. Burton spends most nights.

Now I have two project boxes empty… what, oh what, should I start next?



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