Snow business

Like a lot of you on the eastern half of the continent, we got a lot of snow yesterday.


Unlike some of you, this was pretty much our first significant amount of snow this winter. We’ve had a few dustings, but they’d always melted in a couple hours. It’s mostly been a winter of really cold rain.


It’s lake effect snow, so we got  a fair bit more than the areas around us (which is on the more unusual side – we’re generally a little more sheltered).

The snow fell all day. I didn’t mind. I rearranged my plans, so I did my  quilting at Mom’s on Friday instead. That meant I could spend all Saturday enjoying the snow from the comfort of the couch as I worked on quilt binding.

The birds didn’t mind either. Their feeder was nice and full.


And Burton didn’t mind…


He had a great view of those busy little birds!

If you got snow, we hope you were able to kick back and stay warm.

8 thoughts on “Snow business

  1. Shirley

    What a cozy day! I am far enough south that we only had rain yesterday. Today is very windy and temperatures will drop to the teens tonight (from 60 degrees this morning). It will be very invigorating when I walk tomorrow morning.


  2. Kitty T.V.!

    We got a dusting of snow. Around 11 p.m. the snow turned to rain and washed most of the snow away. Today it got up to 50°F, but tonight it’s going down to single digits.

    Obviously, Mother Nature is VERY confused.


  3. Araignee

    No snow here. Our snow from last week melted overnight. It was warm when I woke up and within hours it became windy and terribly cold. We bounce from one extreme to another these days.


  4. We got about a foot of snow, which apparently is considered a lot around here. It made me laugh, though – after those 30 or so years I spent in Vermont, it’s hard to think of 12″ of snow as “a lot”…


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