A few more stars

Work continues on the Marseilles Stars. As mentioned, I make them two at a time, but they are still fairly time-consuming, so two is all I’m usually able to do in one session.


I have six done so far (with eight more to follow) and as I mentioned, I’m really thinking about laying them out on point with a plain white block in between them.


I laid them out on my hall floor (please excuse the hideous vinyl tiles) and I definitely think that’s the way to go. Of course that won’t be happening any time soon… there’s still eight more stars to make!

Pattern release: Seamless Kitty Cat Hat

Here we are, only eight days to the new year, and I’m already meeting my New Year’s goal!

Last night I hit publish on the Seamless Kitty Cat Hat!


The adorable little Wren is modelling hers for me – looks like I picked the perfect colours to go with her winter coat.


It took a little figuring, but I was able to work all the shaping with increasing, decreasing and short rows. Lots and lots of short rows. But the result is a completely seamless balaclava that’s not only warm, but crazy adorable too. It’s knit with worsted weight yarn, and it’s always been our tradition to knit with varigated yarn, but this looks just as cute in a solid!


As you know, it’s been adapted from an old out-of-print pattern, soI’m happy to share this one as a freebie. Happy knitting!

Slippin’ socks


The first slip-stitch sock is done, and I’m loving it.  As you can see, it’s just a little shorty, sock, but the pattern can be knit to any length. It would be great for using up part balls. And I’m think it would look amazing with a solid black and a really wild, colourful skein… really, the possibilities for combinations are endless!

I’ve got to get motoroing on the second one… I really want ot get this pattern released!

All cut up

My bestest friend Samantha has commissioned me to make another quilt – this one to be a gift for someone. Back in November, we poured over fabrics and patterns and finally decided on a simple random nine patch.

For fabric, she chose the Up, Up and Away collection (which I had in my stash already) and I filled it out with a few other fabrics from Mom’s stash.


We also added in that little bunny fabric on the end, which will have special meaning to the recipient. I didn’t start sewing, but I did get all my squares cut, so it’s ready to go on the next free afternoon.


This will be another lap-sized quilt, and I think it’s going to be just fabulous!

First FO of 2019: Bear Essentials

Back in November, I mentioned there were two new babies coming into my circle. First is the impending girl to my coworker. Second is a little boy to my cousin. I had intended to make a quilt for both, but I probably should have started my cousin’s first… because her baby shower is only a week away.

Bad planning on my part (though I do have a knit blankie already made I can gift), but I think I can make up for it with something even more special.


The pattern is Bear Essentials, and its from the January 1994 edition of Canadian Living. Honestly, it’s not my favourite stuffed bear pattern… it’s tricky to seam and assemble, and I’ve knit nicer, easier stuffies… but this one is special.

When I was a teen, we lived three streets over from my aunt and her two girls, (the oldest of which is having the baby). I used to walk them to school and babysit, and as a result we were quite close. And of course, Mom made them many knit things  – including these bears – which for some reason, they called Bearby, and carried everywhere.

So it seemed only natural that my cousin’s baby should have a Bearby of his own. He’s knit entirely from leftovers of Stray Cat, and while I wasn’t thrilled with the construction, I’ve got to admit, he’s pretty soft and cute!

Last FO of 2018: Autumn in the Country

I finished tacking down the last of the binding on the afternoon of December 30, so this is the official last finished project for 2018.


Autumn in the Country is the perfect couch quilt. It’s about 50″ square, so it’s just perfect for movie watching, book reading, cat snuggling, and all manner of wonderfully lazy activities.


This quilt is special for a couple reasons. It’s the first quilt I’ve made entirely from one fabric collection – in this case Country Blossom from Craftsy. I started with a Jelly Roll for the centre (using the Summer in the Park tutorial), and I bought a few yards of the other fabrics for the borders, binding and backing.


The backing is the white version of the green border fabric and I love it. It’s such a bold, beautiful print!

The second thing that makes it special is that I completed it all myself (without contracting quilting out to Mom).


All those lovely loops are mine, and it was a blast to do them. Mom’s machine had a stitch regulation mode, so I didn’t have to worry about keeping my speed even to keep my stitches nice… I could just doodle away!

Now I can’t wait to finish up a few more quilts I have waiting!