Friday Felines

I am not the only one with Spring Fever around here…

Relic insists on being outside, but he’s been forced to find creative ways to stay out of the snow. My garden cart has become his new favourite perch. It also gives him a new vantage point to get my attention so I’ll let him in.


Burton wants to get out after those squirrels. I’m still not sure if he wants to eat one, or he wants to be one.


And Rupert, my little sun-bunny just longs for the days where the sun sticks around for hours and he can lounge in its rays until his heart’s content.

9 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Tyg doesn’t mind the snow – he will play in it. But he does not like the bitter cold. Of course, he doesn’t do well in the hot summer either – lol. Deb is right – more snow forecast for here today…but Sunday it could hit 60 (and rain).


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