Pawsitively cute

It’s a long weekend here in Canada, and if the weather hold, I’m hoping to spend the majority of it in the garden. In the mean time, I thought I’d share my latest and greatest quilting endeavour.

I’d been waiting until I got the bulk of Fleurs en Noir and Mystic Maze out of the way before starting something new. Both of those use black thread and I was too lazy to be constantly changing back and forth.

But now that they are at a place where I can set them aside, I’m onto a project I’ve been envisioning for the last little while. I’ve been itching to make a baby blanket. There are no babies (that I know of) on the horizon, but one always comes along eventually. And baby blankets are just so fun to make. Small, quick and cute!

I’ve had a Bear Mountain (from Craftsy) charm pack kicking around for a while


And I thought it would be fun to make another Bear Paw quilt. My first paw quilt was a bit of a sideshow, but now that I’m more practiced, I’d like to revisit the block with some honed skills.

The way I’ve paired up the fabric, I should be able to get a dozen 6.5″ paws out of this pack. Done in a traditional layout of four paws together, it should give me a nice starting panel to a blanket.

I had a few hours to kill the other day, so I got all my HSTs made for the claws, and paired them up with their paw fabric.


The claws and paws still need to be trimmed to the proper size, but I’ll do that as I sew them together. Still.. before I put everything away for the day, I couldn’t resist sewing up just one block.


Of course, now that I see it in picture, I noticed I sewed those poor green mountains upside down! I’ll have to fix that at my next sewing session.



7 thoughts on “Pawsitively cute

  1. Val, we were PROMISED warm humid weather with a front coming last night. As of right now I’m freezing and wearing my lined jean jacket. I want warmth! Your sewing skills always amaze me lady!


  2. Shirley

    I love your fabrics and bear paw blocks. That will be such a pretty quilt and a very nice gift for someone. Weather here seems to have moved into summer – 90s and humid.


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