Sunday garden stop

Sorry… no tour guide today… Peno was unable to break away from her 23-hour nap. Since she’s a senior kitty, we’ll give her a pass.

The Dianthans I showed last week are covered in blooms now. I always say, if you want bang for your buck, buy some Dianthans. They are small and compact, bloom like crazy and come back year after year.

The Foxglove have started blooming. The plants are much smaller than last year (probably our cooler spring) but I’m just happy they are here at all. I’ve had the hardest time getting Foxglove to come back so I’ll take small plants as long as I’ve got them.


By contrast, the Beardtongue is loving the cool, wet weather.  Just look at all those blooms!


The Blue Sage is starting to bloom, which means the Lavender won’t be far behind.


And the Pincushion plant is pretty in pink!

Last, but not least, it’s peony season! And they are gorgeous. I took three years to get blooms on my peonies, but it was worth they wait. They are wonderful.

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