The dragons are flying

I told you those Dragonfly socks go fast…


Here’s the first one already done and the second is well underway.  I’m very happy with the yarn I paired with the pattern – they play so nicely together.

With this pair so close to being done, I’m already thinking about what to do next. I have two more pairs of socks on the gift list – both are man-sized, but both are worsted weight (more heavy boot socks for the guys). So do I plow ahead and finish them all, or take a break from the gift knitting and do something for myself…? Some decisions are hard!

10 thoughts on “The dragons are flying

  1. Araignee

    They are just lovely!!!! The best part of knitting is deciding what comes next. I am in panic mode to get the gift bag filled at the moment. It seems we are running out of summer too fast and fall just flies by.


  2. Jocelyn Ahlers

    You’re right – the pattern and yarn really do play well together! I guess I’m with the rest of your commenters – you’ve got time, knit a little something for yourself! (Then I can watch vicariously, since everything is on hold here until I finish the college blanket…)


  3. Shirley

    What beautiful socks! Love the colors and design. As for the next knitting project, I would ask myself two questions. (1) Is there something you want to knit for yourself (which is probably a really silly question)? and (2) Will you be happier to knit something for yourself or will you have more enjoyment in completing the gift knitting projects? Looking forward to seeing what is next in the knitting queue.


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