Hittin’ the town!

Last week I hopped a train and headed north…


Though Toronto is only and hour away, I don’t go often now that I work from home. But I made a special trip to meet up with a very special friend…


The wonderful Aneesha! Our plan was dinner and shopping, but Aneesha knows I love to play the tourist, so she took us on a slightly more scenic route as we made our way to the Eaton Centre.

Our walk took us through the grounds of Osgoode Hall and it’s beautiful gardens.


Just check out the size of those Hibiscus blooms.


We passed over Nathan Philips square, which looked like it was getting ready for a weekend event.


And eventually made it to the Eaton Centre with its iconic geese.


After much shopping, eating and catching up, we made our way back to Union Station to catch our respective trains and subways.

And you know I took full advantage of all that train time…


… two hours of knitting later, the first Mojito sock is past the heel and moseying right along!


6 thoughts on “Hittin’ the town!

  1. Araignee

    I took my kids to Eaton Centre in Montreal years and years ago. It was an amazing mall. You didn’t even want to shop there. You just wanted to gaze at how beautiful it all was. Having said that we did come back with bags of stuff.


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