FO: Last pair of Christmas socks!


Huzzah! The last Christmas knit is done!

Nothing fancy – just basic sock math and contrasting heels and toes. I do love the yarn. It’s West Yorkshire Spinners BFL prints. It’s lovely and soft and makes fantastically warm, heavy socks.

Just one present left to finish now, and it’s a quilt. So that means the next things on the needles is something for me!

6 thoughts on “FO: Last pair of Christmas socks!

  1. I was out shopping this weekend, looking for a dark blue cardigan, and came up empty! I cannot knit like you, so I must purchase something. My cats have roughed up my current blue cardigan enough that it’s really not fit for public…LOL! I cannot help pulling The PO’M into my lap, and his claws pierce and pull at everything. It’s the price of love.


  2. Shirley

    We will just call your Mrs. Claus! You must be feeling so giddy from all that you have accomplished and have ready for Christmas gifts. Those socks will be such a nice gift.


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