C’est l’Hallowe’en

Sadly, there’s not much spooky fun at Chez Wandering Cat this Hallowe’en.

Dave is working, and I’ve got French Class. So in absence of jack-lanterns and trick-or-treaters, I’ll leave you with my most favourite French song ever. And the story behind it.


Click here to learn more (and hear the song! Don’t forget to sing along!)

And for extra credit… here’s a little Throwback Thursday photo of baby Burton and his first experience with pumpkin guts!


7 thoughts on “C’est l’Hallowe’en

  1. Giroux likes pumpkin too, but not sure whether he would eat it right out of the pumpkin. He’s always had the canned stuff.

    Happy Halloween to you, Dave and all the furry little monsters.


  2. Araignee

    When I was learning French I bought a cassette of Christmas folks songs from Quebec. I have to say they were some of the weirdest songs I’ve ever heard. I used to play it in the car when I was driving the kids to school and they would beg me to play it every year. They had no idea what was being said but they could sing along.
    Happy Halloween!


  3. Happy Halloween!
    I only know two languages: English and Bad English!
    We have the worst weather for the trick-or-treaters today, but I’m telling all co-workers to NOT bring in any leftover candy to the office!


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