Meanwhile in Pinkerville…

I finally found some time to finish up the last few Pinkerville blocks. I only had three left, and they go pretty quick, but carving out time for them has been a challenge.

While I was working on them, I had the previously completed blocks laid out on the bed, awaiting final layout.

Big mistake…

IMG_20191115_124855And it didn’t matter how many times I shooed them off. They just kept coming back

Especially this one…


And I mean, I feel bad disturbing him when he’s obviously so comfortable… but a girl’s got a quilt to work on, you know!?!

Eventually, I found a cat-free moment to get everything set in a layout I can live with.


I’ve decided that this layout (blocks butting up against each other), with these prints is just a touch too busy for my taste. The starts get lost a little in all the other things going on. So, I’m going to add sashing and cornerstones. It’s already a good size, and that will make it just a little bit bigger. I’ve got lots of backing fabric though so that’s just fine with me.

I’m definitely on track to complete this top by the end of the month. (Quilting is another matter).

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