Pinkerville parade

Okay… while I was hoping to finish Pinkerville by the end of the month, I was expecting it to be MUCH closer to the end. But here we are.

Part of that is because Sam has commissioned me for another quilt, so I needed and empty project box.

Pinkerville was the one closest to being done, so I got to it. It was also a relatively nice day outside, so I was able to do without any interference from Relic. It was nice to be able to use the bed as a staging ground completely cat-fr…


Okay… well not completely. But at least Burton waited to the end to get in my business.


That’s better. As you can see, it’s a good size – about 78″ square.


I still had some of the green dotty fabric cut from the cornerstones on Forest Stroll and they made good cornerstones for this one too.


Happily, I have a back for it already – that lovely chevron-like fabric was snatched up when Lens was doing a big clear out about a month ago. I bought it with Pinkerville Parade in mind. The purple is leftover from the back of Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds, and will make excellent binding for this one! I love it when a fabric plan comes together!

6 thoughts on “Pinkerville parade

  1. Shirley

    What a beautiful, beautiful quilt!!! (Though it is even prettier with Burton stretched out on it.) That green dotty fabric is magic – a perfect blender. You could not have found a more perfect binding fabric than the purple leftover from the back of Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this one.


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