In the dog house

IMG_2041 I had a short window between projects the other day, so I zipped off a couple of log cabin blocks in the dog fabric.

With all the strips cut and ready to go, these blocks are perfect for  those times when you don’t have a lot of time, but really want to sew.

Seeing a couple done up, I’m now very happy with my fabric choices. Since the log cabin strips are narrow (I’m using 2.5 inch strips), you have to be careful about the prints you use. Large ones don’t tend to look as nice, as they get cut off.

But this collection is looking good. And I think I’ve got a nice array of colours on the dark half of the block.

I’ve still got 10 more blocks to make – and they will probably be done the same way – whipped up in a few spare moments between other things.

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