Spinning my wheels

All the Traffic Jam blocks are done, and I’ll tackle top assembly soon. But in the meantime, I needed another L&E project. Ever since I made Chocolate Covered Pinwheels, I’ve wanted to make another pinwheel quilt.

It was one of my first, and those pinwheels are pretty disastrous! (Still, for a first effort, it was decent, and Dave uses it a lot because it’s nice and long.) I know I can make much nicer pinwheels now.

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I’ve got a pile of 5″ scraps, and I really needed to start using them. I’ve got a good mix of prints and solids. And two of each is all that’s needed to make a pinwheel block.

So my new L&E project is set. I’m doing the 2-from-1 HST method.


At the end of every sewing session, I’ll grab up the L&Es that are ready to cut.


They will get cut, ironed and trimmed. (This way they don’t pile up and I don’t have a million and one to do all at once.) Then they are put in the basket that hangs from my open scissor drawer, ready for the next sewing session…


… where they will be turned into big, bold, beautiful pinwheels!


Here’s where all my other quilts are at:

  • Walk Like a Dinosaur: Still building dino toes
  • Calico Garden: Just two giant stars left
  • Blockhead: Patiently awaiting Wednesday
  • Dog Logs II: Building cabins, log by dog
  • Rainbow in the dark: Building blue blocks
  • Crosstown Traffic: Ready for top assembly!
  • Leader and Ender quilt – Spin me right round, baby!

8 thoughts on “Spinning my wheels

  1. The Bear Paw is gorgeous!!! Oh to have a long arm and the talent. I have to say, our dogs haven’t been much different. I am always home, but they haven’t seemed to be out of sorts with Hubster home and now ScientistGirl home. Love Pinwheels!!! Even though a year ago I would have said Meh.


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