Box of socks

I think the lockdown is finally getting to me. I’m having a really hard time committing to not spending. Which is especially bad, as my pay has just been cut by 10% (At least I still have a job, but it’s a big hit).

It started because I didn’t have the right needles size for the East Hale cardigan. I popped on the Yarn Canada site, because I know they carry the brand I like, and it’s Canadian – our dollar is crap right now so ordering from the U.S. doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, you need to spend $65 to get free shipping, so I thought I’d order some sock yarn for present socks. We got rid of our tools to make self-striping yarn easily. There’s a particular pair of socks I wanted to make for Miss Paisley, so I got a ball of fun, self-striping opal, and some solid black (I could have dyed that, but I wanted to get up to the $65 limit). I also decided to try a skein of this Cascade Heritage Wave


It’s a two-tone yard with a subtle shade shift. I thought it would make nice cable socks for someone on my list.

That was all great until Yarn Canada emailed me a few days later to tell me the self-striping I’d picked out had sold out. There was nothing else on their site that said “Paisley” to me, so I told them just to refund the cost and send the rest of the order on.

In the mean time… I headed on over to the Knit Picks site. Felici  stripers were on sale… and well…


The bottom right colour (Summer Camp) will be for Paisley. Top left (Side Pony), will probably end up as socks for her sister. The top right (Thunderstruck) are for my brother, and bottom left (Hamburger) for my Sister-in-Law.

Of course, Knit Picks has a $75 minimum for free shipping…


So some Stroll Tweed came along for the ride. The grey will probably be for Dave’s birthday socks (July). And the Lavender…


They are already being worked up into another pair of Woodland Walk socks for the gifting box.

Now my poor bank account is smoking. But at least they all have a purpose!

Oh, and a small PSA…. don’t leave boxes of yarn unattended….


They are just too soft, and warm, and inviting for some to resist….


14 thoughts on “Box of socks

  1. Oh, how I understand how that happens. It always happens to me with Knit Picks. Love all of the Felici colors you bought. And it’s all money you would have to spend eventually on gifts anyway, right? So it’s all good. 🙂


  2. Araignee

    I hear ya but for me it’s been booze and Amazon Pantry. Explain to me why someone who rarely eats junk food now has to have huge cartons of Little Debbie snacks delivered on a regular basis? I also have $150 worth of booze coming and next week I have $70 worth of salsa and chips being delivered. How about $40 worth of industrial sized rolls of toilet paper? Yeah. It’s like a game now to see what I can get delivered. It’s all I think about.
    And now I’m thinking about yarn……argh…


  3. Oh you got some gorgeous yarn! And…it all has a purpose. I did cave last night and bought some yarn too. Just one skein. When it arrives, I’ll show it off:)


  4. Oh, fun! It is hard to resist but I have been very tight with the rein on myself–especially when I can’t do something, I want to order it instead! lol You picked out nice colors for the yarn–it will keep you busy and then you will have great presents, too!


  5. So far, I have resisted the lure of the internet shopping. Actually, it wasn’t hard. I’m not usually tempted by online.

    But, when this is over ……………….yarn stores LOOK OUT. I’m comin’ for ya!


  6. I am desperately trying to stay off fabric sites!! I did buy some fabrics recently, they were local shops, need to keep them in business! But most of my money goes to the grocery!! With Hubster working from home and ScientistGirl home from school/waiting for wedding and new job to start, I have more mouths to feed all day! So 2 more people x 2 extra meals a day + snacks = no money in my account for fabric shopping! LOL!


  7. Torti’s in the yarn…….That could be a song or poem title.

    Sounds like you are making informed choices. Fireman and I realize we are barely spending money in gas. We are NOT meeting well meaning friends who we split the check with, and we end up spending our money on them……..even though we love them.

    I want to make a breakfast meet rule only . The dinners and lunches are stupidly expensive.
    Breakfast has its limits ……right/


  8. Shirley Elliott

    OMG! What a wonderful yarn collection you acquired by a few clicks of the computer keys. Such beautiful colors in the Felici stripers. There are going to be some very happy people on your Christmas list.


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