Lavender woodlands


With Minerva off the needles, most of my attention has been on the lavender tweed socks.

And as you can see, the first one is done. I really do love this pattern. It’s just as nice in the tweed as it was in my hand-dyed yarn.

This yarn is Knitpicks’ Stroll Tweed, and it’s very nice to knit with. It’s very soft (just like their Felici), and knits up beautifully, as you can see. The only complaint I have is that many of the little tweedy bits aren’t spun into the yarn very well. They have a tendency to pull right off as you’re knitting. That said, there are still lots leftover that are knit in well, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Now… onto the second sock!

9 thoughts on “Lavender woodlands

  1. jatshaw

    Love that sock and its color. What is the pattern? I’ve had the same experience with tweed yarn, and it sounds like lots of folks agree.


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