All my little Leader/Ender four patches are adding up. And while that seems like a good little stock of them there, it’s still not quite enough for the size of quilt I’m going to make.

That’s ok – there’s no rush to finish this one, and I’ve got LOTS of 2.5 in squares to used up. So while I’m work on my other projects, I’m still slowly making four patches.

Here’s where all my quilts are at

  • Blockhead quilt – Waiting for next block!
  • Bramble patch – I haven’t found any fabrics I like to go with this, so I’m planning a revamp. Stay tuned
  • L&E – As above.

And yes… my in progress list looks a little short. As I’ve been finishing projects, I haven’t been starting new ones. But don’t worry… something new is brewing!

10 thoughts on “Patchy

  1. Araignee

    I had to talk myself down from buying some Tula Pink 10″ squares from MSQ this morning. I need to stay away from those darn daily deals. I haven’t finished a thing in ages. This pandemic thing is really cramping my style.


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