Sock slog

I really truly expected to have Dave’s completed Valentine’s socks to show you today. The first one went so well. But then I cast on for the second one, and well…. then I just seemed to get into a funk

I’ve gotten the leg done, and just a bare few rows to start off the heel. But I really should be farther along.

It’s not that I haven’t had the time. It’s just that every time I’ve had time to pick up the needles, I’ve mostly chosen to do something else. Usually something non-productive.

And when I do pick it up, it’s a chore to stick with it. It’s not the yarn, that’s soft and lovely. It’s not the pattern – it goes along smooth enough.

I dunno… maybe it’s the colour. Maybe it’s just too blue and sad for these bone-chilling winter days we’re having?

Still. I must focus. I have until Saturday night to finish it. I have a little bag put together with cards and a treat for him, so I’d really like these to finished to put in there too.

That’s five nights of knitting! I can surely finish a heel and a foot in just five nights!

11 thoughts on “Sock slog

  1. That is really a pretty yarn and perfect for a guy. I have the same problem. I finished a sock pretty quickly considering the yarn is just dark enough that I can only work on it during the daylight hours. I quickly cast on the secon yesterday afternoon, but today was distracted by some velvety acrylic I found in our storage unit this morning when I stopped by for some TP. I ended up crocheting a bunny to put on Pipers bed in our new house! Talk about distractions. Ha!
    I know you’ll have that sock done by Saturday. I have until my MIL’s birthday in September for this second sock so I think I’ll be fine. Unless the distractoins keep happening.


  2. It is easy to get distracted, but GET ON IT GIRL!!! LOL I know you will finish that last sock in time. The blue really is pretty and the balance should go quickly!


  3. Araignee

    I hear you. I’ve got so many things that need finishing but I keep starting new things because I am bored out of my mind. I keep telling myself it’s okay not to be okay during these crazy times but even that’s getting old.


  4. Try using what I call a “motivation” marker. Clip a removable marker on the sock when you pick up your needles, and tell yourself to just knit one inch or one/two repeats. Move the marker when you stop and the next time knit the distance again. You’ll be finished in just a few nights.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    I know you can (and will) have that second sock complete to add to the gift bag. The yarn is just beautiful. I love that rich, deep blue.


  6. jatshaw

    You go girl! You are a fast knitter, and you’ve still got time until the 14th. My knitting has screeched to a halt because my hands have been sore since I knit that baby blanket on big needles. Maybe I’ll get some quilting done in the meantime?


  7. I love the tonal blue in these socks. But I do know what it’s like to lose that spark while knitting something. I’ve been working on the same sock off and on for weeks. I also think that the winter weather has something to do with it.


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