Just a little off the top

I had an unexpected free day this week, so I decided to get a quilt top together. The manly barbershop quilt was the closest to being done, so I thought it was the best one to tackle. All the blocks were done. It just needed borders and sashing.

As planned, I used some solid navy for the sashing (though it looks a little black here). It picks up the navy from the blocks quilte nicely. The cornerstone were made from one of the prints leftover from the jelly roll. And then I wrapped it all up with a lovely red and gold print I had kicking around in the stash. It gave me a nice-sized lap quilt at 60″ square.

As I hoped, the sashing breaks up the busy blocks and makes it much easier for the eye to focus and make sense of the quilt. Though the blocks are really neat, there’s a lot of bias in them, which makes them a little tricker to put together. Still, it’s a nice block to have in my repertoire, and I’m sure I’ll revisit it at some point.

Hopefully, as you’re reading this, I’m up at Mom’s quilting it. I’ve got this fabulous striped fabric for the back and binding. It’s almost an exact match for the neutrals in the quilt.

I love a good striped binding!

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