Everywhere green!

It’s been a fairly rainy week. My head is not happy about that (thank you weather-induced migraines) but the garden certainly is.

Everything is greening up nicely.

From L-R: Pasque Flower, Lilac, Raspberries.

And of course, there are blooms! The Daffodils continue to dazzle

Isn’t that multi-coloured one just wild? It was from a big of mixed daffy bulbs from the dollar store! Talk about a gardening score!

The tulips are just starting to appear

And there are lots more coming.

And the Grape Hyacinths are just poking their little heads out

You may recall that I have two colours, and those pink ones STILL wow me year after year!

And last, the larger hyacinths are not to be outdone

The foliage might be a bit bunny-munched, but the blooms still smell sweet!

7 thoughts on “Everywhere green!

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful spring flowers! You have such a variety of plants that it seems like there is always something new appearing.


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