What a difference a week makes

At the start of the week, the lilac bush looked like this.

A few days of warm sunny weather later…

Oh how I wish you could smell through the computer. My backyard smells absolutely amazing now!

Most of the spring bulbs have faded, with the exception of these dark purple parrot tulips

I have them throughout the gardens and they are just so pretty.

The irises are are also blooming

Those pretty dark purple irises are mixed in with my Lily-of-the-Valley

And they are just amazing this year – look at all those little white dots

This side of the yard smells almost as amazing as the backyard.

The Columbine doesn’t have a smell, but it’s just as pretty.

I want to collect ALL the colours! (It comes in A LOT of colours!)

My Globe Alium is blooming, in all it’s purple glory

And last…

I showed you my pink bleeding heart, which I’m going to give to my neighbour before we leave. But I also have this little white one. It’s not in the best spot right now, so it only puts out a few little hearts each year. I’m looking forward to giving it a better home and seeing it really flourish next year!

9 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes

  1. That lilac is spectacular!

    The white bleeding heart is so pretty.

    My Lily of the Valley is just about done. The peonies popped out this week and I think the astilbe will be going full by next week.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Such beautiful photos! So glad the white bleeding heart will be relocated. You will really enjoy the plants you are able to move to your new home.


  3. Such gorgeous flowers Val. That close up of the lilac is stunning. I wish I could smell it in real life. My daughter planted a lilac last year and she has lots of blooms on a little tiny bush right now. She thought it may take a little longer to get established. I walked into her house this morning and was greeted by the amazing smell of lilacs.


  4. Val,
    So lovely. You will create a space just as lovely at the new place. i promise. It has been fun work to add color to our woods and beds. I found some clematis that I saved for seeds this year!!!!! email me your address, again…please. Or would you rather I keep them until fall since you are quite busy with houses right now. I was happy I found them.
    In Mexico I saw lily of the valley and vinca. Among a million other gorgeous flowers!


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