The end of a great adventure

This is it… I dyed up the last bag of yarn. Ten skeins of Fluffy Cat Light.

Like my previous dye session, I kept to simple semi-solids – Light Periwinkle, Dusky Green, and Cape Cod Cranberry.

Each of these has enough yarn for a big shawl or a light cardigan.

We had a lot of fun with our dyes, and while part of me is sad to say goodbye, I definitely have more than enough yarn.

Now, I’ve got the dye and all the tools up on Kijiji, hoping I can find them a good home, and some one new can have a wonderful dyeing adventure.

7 thoughts on “The end of a great adventure

  1. Araignee

    It’s all so lovely. I am glad I have a skein or two of your yarn tucked away for a rainy day. It was always a joy to work with and are some of my favorite socks to wear.


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