Mom’s masterpiece

It will be no surprise to learn that I have no sewing to share with you all. As you can imagine, house preparations are taking up almost all my free time.

So, I’ll have to make so with sharing some of Mom’s recent work. You may recall, that she rather talented at fancy quilting – both free hand and using rulers.

She just finished another class where the focus was on quilting in wedges.

The pieced design is very simple, because the focus on this is in the stitching. There’s so many designs in this one, you could spend hours studying them all. Here’s a closer look at just a few.

Wowza! One of these days, I guess I’ll have to up my game and move on from simple loops!

10 thoughts on “Mom’s masterpiece

  1. Araignee

    Omg… is amazing! I would give anything to have the talent and patience to do that. I can only squiggle loop too and even those are awful. When the kitchen is finished I am going to move my Juki into the dining room so I will have more room. I am so cramped in the little sewing room that there is no room to maneuver and you really need space to get creative with machine quilting.


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