Burton’s first tree

Those who have been around for a while will recall that we didn’t have much of a tree at the townhouse. There just wasn’t much room, so I had a little two-foot prelit tree that fit on top of our computer desk. It was ideal for that place, but since we had more room here, I wanted to go bigger.

Still, it’s just Dave and I, so I didn’t want to go TOO big. Also we have cats. They never bothered with the little tree, but it wasn’t really accessible to them either. I decided a 4 ft tree would be a good place to start. Walmart had one that fit my budget, and I figure I can always go bigger in the future if I want.

Most of the ornaments I havewere mini ones for the two-foot tree. They’d get lost in this one. Happily, Dave found me a trove of simple balls at one of the resale stores we frequent. It was just $5 for the two bags

It’s way more than we need, because the tree is still on the small side. So I pulled out the smaller ones, and I’ll save the rest for decorating outside. (More on that another day). Another plus, is all of them are PLASTIC!

Which is ideal. Because … CATS!. Burton was right on top of things as soon as I started decorating, and one of those balls is already under the Philco unit, where it will stay until we have move it one day, because I can’t reach it.

Once they were on, I started adding in some of my favorite ornaments.

Our old tree had a little Santa topper, but I wanted something new for this one.

I splurged a little on this pretty poinsettia. Although it’s still small, I think it’s the right amount of festive for our little livingroom

Burton seems to think so too.

I’ll report back on how long the tree stay standing…

10 thoughts on “Burton’s first tree

  1. Araignee

    What a cute little tree! I have all plastic for my little Ikea tree too and very morning I would have to put the lower branch ornaments back on. I have a beautiful vintage silver pom pom tree that has all glass ornaments but I haven’t put it up in 11 years because that’s when the kitties showed up.


  2. Robyn Williams

    When my parents were alive and we put up the 6ft tree, there was one ornament on the bottom for the cat. Midnight picked out this paper Santa and loved to walk by and catch it with his tial to watch it swing. Now I use a cermanic tree and the cats do no bother it.
    Mery Christmas!


  3. Your tree is beautiful and it looks like the cats agree. I really like the idea that they are plastic balls. Brilliant. Virtually unbreakable for the cats. Surprisingly, Zoey hasn’t bothered ours at all. She loves to sit and look at it with me with no other lights on.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    In the days when I put up a tree, I would place clusters of bells one the bottom branches so we would hear the cats when they started playing with the ornaments. The cats loved to curl up under the tree and look at all the ornaments. We had one cat that would always climb the limbs. Your tree is beautiful and a great size. Plastic ornaments (that do not look plastic) are a winner. Bet you could use a yardstick to scoot the ornament out from under the cabinet.


  5. We don’t put up a tree any more, but I have lots of soft (unbreakable) ornaments from our tree days. Now we just put a wreath on the porch, and I decorate it with whatever I feel like. Usually mini-stockings, but last year I knit up a fairy light set and made a bow. Haven’t caught up with myself yet, so I don’t know what I’m doing this year!


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