Sock progress

I was hoping to be further along with these socks, but work has been pretty darn busy lately.

Usually, I have time to do little things around the house while I wait for colleagues to send me what I need to do my job. But work has kept me hopping from log-on to log-off. That means I’ve been doing all those little things in the evenings, and on the weekend when I’d normally have time to sit and knit.

Still… I’m closing in on the toe, and it’s the only Christmas present I have left to knit. I’ve got time.

We’ve got a runner…

This technically should be an FO post, but it’s not really my FO.

When I was at Mom’s I mentioned that I needed to make a couple runners for the tops of our antique radios. She kindly offered up some of her practice pieces from some of her first free-motion quilting classes. They just needed some binding but we made short work of that.

I should have taken pictures of them before I put them on top of the radios, but I’m too lazy to move everything again, so this will have to do.

That will help keep the dust down!

Since she had quite a few, I snagged a third one for the cat’s spot on the plant stand.

The cats like to sit here in the morning and watch the birds at the feeder. This will make it a little more cozy for them.

More Christmas…

You saw the inside yesterday, now for the outside.

I was in need of a new Christmas wreath, but I just wasn’t loving the ones I was seeing in the stores (or there prices). So the night I got my Christmas tree, I also hit the dollar store and bought a pile of Christmas flotsam.

A little time and some strategic hot glueing later…

And it was hanging on my front door.

But I couldn’t let it hang there alone. It needed some garland and string lights to keep it company.

And a few strategically placed ornaments.

Now we just need a little snow for some extra sparkle

Burton’s first tree

Those who have been around for a while will recall that we didn’t have much of a tree at the townhouse. There just wasn’t much room, so I had a little two-foot prelit tree that fit on top of our computer desk. It was ideal for that place, but since we had more room here, I wanted to go bigger.

Still, it’s just Dave and I, so I didn’t want to go TOO big. Also we have cats. They never bothered with the little tree, but it wasn’t really accessible to them either. I decided a 4 ft tree would be a good place to start. Walmart had one that fit my budget, and I figure I can always go bigger in the future if I want.

Most of the ornaments I havewere mini ones for the two-foot tree. They’d get lost in this one. Happily, Dave found me a trove of simple balls at one of the resale stores we frequent. It was just $5 for the two bags

It’s way more than we need, because the tree is still on the small side. So I pulled out the smaller ones, and I’ll save the rest for decorating outside. (More on that another day). Another plus, is all of them are PLASTIC!

Which is ideal. Because … CATS!. Burton was right on top of things as soon as I started decorating, and one of those balls is already under the Philco unit, where it will stay until we have move it one day, because I can’t reach it.

Once they were on, I started adding in some of my favorite ornaments.

Our old tree had a little Santa topper, but I wanted something new for this one.

I splurged a little on this pretty poinsettia. Although it’s still small, I think it’s the right amount of festive for our little livingroom

Burton seems to think so too.

I’ll report back on how long the tree stay standing…

FO: Labrador love

Today is the unveiling of the last of the three gift quilts. (And probably the last quilt for 2021!) It is of course, going to this guy:

My Dad, pictured here with a wee little Jem all those years ago (around 4 years ago, I think). And after seeing that picture, I think you’ll agree this quilt is pretty darn appropriate.

I wasn’t planning on making my Dad a quilt for Christmas this year. I made his rag quilt last year (which he uses all the time), but when I saw the Wiggle Butts panel, I knew he had to have another quilt.

I was able to get some fun coordinating prints, and plot out a designed that all worked together.

Like the outhouse quilt, this one is just so much fun!

For the back, I got some fun flannel that matched quite nicely (and was on sale)

The only thing that could have made that back better is if those dogs were black labs. But still, I’m not going to be too picky, it’s a pretty perfect quilt!

FO: Pooper Star

Next up in the finished quilt line up…

The infamous outhouse quilt!

I didn’t show you the backing for this one, but it’s just a simple newsprint print. (And all in French, which I didn’t realize when I bought it!)

Like yesterday’s star quilt, this one was fun to put together, mostly because of the silly fabrics.

I hope my brother thinks it’s just as much fun!

FO: Solstice Stars

The weekend of work at Mom’s paid off and the first quilt to show off is Solstice Stars

It just looks so pretty all bound up! The colours just pop against that black background fabric.

I showed you a glimpse of the ombre backing fabric, but here’s a look at it on the quilt.

And that’s officially another gift off the list!


When working on Christmas stuff, I almost always leave Dave’s present to last. This is because I always have a couple things under the tree for him, and because he’s totally understanding if he doesn’t get his new socks until Boxing Day.

But I don’t think this year is going to be much of a problem in that department.

Because I’ve already cast on for the first one and I’m making pretty good progress. Nothing fancy, as per usual lately – 1-1 ribbing for 10 rows, then switch to 3-1 for the rest of the leg. I’m just letting the yarn do it’s own thing, which is a pretty neat swirly-pool. The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll, and the colourway is called Yeti. And I don’t know about you, I think they named it right, because all I’m seeing is this guy…