FO: Kitten Cove

Come on down to Kitten Cove… the water is just purrfect!


And so is this quilt! I was thrilled by the finished top and I am absolutely smitten with the final quilt. It almost makes me want a baby of my own, so I can keep it.


I’ve never been a huge fan of blue, but the navy with the white, and the odd pop of red is just so striking. The pattern is simple, but so effective.


The back was some leftover seashells from the same line. And I snagged a pretty navy paisley from Mom’s stash for the binding.


The quilt is 46″ square, so it’s perfect cuddle size. And just a perfect quilt all around!


Good night, sweet petals

While my yard is still very green…


It was time to prepare everything for winter. The days are still fairly warm, but the nights are definitely getting colder.


I especially had to get all my indoor plants back inside before the frost hits.  Now they are all safe and warm and the house looks like a jungle again.

I did my pruning and cleaning, and though I’ll still enjoy a bloom or two here and there until we get a hard frost, everything is ready for a season of rest. All that’s left is to take a moment to reflect on the beauty this year has brought.

What a wonderful year is has been!

All quacked up

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know that I had a quilting project box empty. It’s just not right to have it sitting there, unloved, so….


I dug deep in the stash and came up with a Jelly Roll (2.5″ strips for you non-quilters) of Animal Quakers – a fun, 30s style group of prints.

Then I went fishing for the perfect pattern. It didn’t take long. These jellly roll hearts are just too cute. I’m not making a table runner, but expanding the pattern into a baby blanket with nine hearts.


Once everything is cut – they go together quite quick.  In fact, in less than an hour, I had three done already.


Aren’t they just so sweet? I stopped at three for the day, because I’ve been pushing myself a little with my sewing sessions, and I’m starting to pay the price with increased back issues again. But don’t worry, the other six will be done soon enough!

Here’s where  everything else is at

  • Celtic Dreams – All blocks are done. I’m just waiting on my backing and sashing fabric which should arrive any day now
  • Pinkerville quilt – This one still doesn’t have a proper name yet, but I’m still making gorgeous blocks.
  • Unbe-Leaf-able – Leaves are done, just have to assemble the top.
  • Heart-shaped quackers – Three hearts complete
  • Leader and Ender quilt – Those geese are gaggling fast! But I plan to make lots and lots and lots!

And before I sign off, I leave you with these excessivley charming piggies from the jelly roll.


Aren’t they just too cute?

Friday Felines

First, thank you for all the lovely anniversary wishes. We ordered in Chinese and had a quiet but lovely night in! It was perfection.

Today’s Friday Feline post is brought to you by Mr. Tibbs….


Who clearly thinks I spend too much time with the long arm instead of paying attention to him!


FO: Undine

My matching mermaid socks are off the needles…


And since so many of you were upset that I didn’t model Rowan’s pair with one of my many pairs of fabulous shoes…


I aim to please!


Just like the first, they were a fun, fast little pair. The pattern is Undine, and its definitely one of my faves (not just because it’s mine). It’s  great for self-stripers, and Rowan did such a wonderful job on this one.

I can’t wait to see the rest of her skeins knit up! In the mean time, it’s going to be hard not to wear this pair until Christmas. I want to keep them fresh and clean for when I surprise her with my pair.