Stacking stars

Whenever I’ve had a chance to sew, my focus has been on the Night Sky quilt. The deadline is looming, and although Sam is ok with it not being done in time, I’d really like to come through for her.


I make these blocks two at a time, and they are stacking up. In fact, I have them half done.


As you can see, with Relic and my bed for scale, it’s going to be a nice-sized quilt. It will have an outer border as well, just to make sure it’s big enough.

Still, even with these blocks done, I’m not as far as I would like to be. This week should be quiet workwise, but I can’t count on that. I also have a French exam on Thursday, so I have to make sure I spend some time studying.

But I’ll keep at it…


Friday felines

We interrupt this Friday Feline post to bring you a special canine announcement.

Please welcome Chevy to the Wandering Cat extended family!

He’s a six-year-old Black Lab/King Shepherd cross. Due to circumstances out of his control, his owner could no longer keep him, so Mom stepped up to the plate to give this handsome boy a new home.

I haven’t met him in person, but he’s a big boy – very tall. Due to an infection when he was young, he only has half a tail.


Jem is enjoying having a new sibling, and the pair get along great. She loves having someone to chase around the yard again.


Pups are always better in pairs!

FO: Celtic dreams

It took a little stealth near the end, but Celtic Dreams is complete!


It’s actually been quilted since last Friday, but I had to wait until Dave wasn’t around to do the binding.  He doesn’t pay much attention to what I’m working on when I’m up in my studio, but the binding I do on the couch in front of the TV.


And this big beast would definitely catch his eye. I managed to get it all bound on Tuesday afternoon when he left for work.  Finished size is 70″ x 90″, so I won’t have to listen to him complain that none of the quilts are long enough any more.

I normally only show you a glimpse of the backing fabric, but on this one you need to see the whole thing.


It’s from the Stonehenge Solstice line, and it was so gorgeous, I just had to splurge. No clearance bin find for this one, but Dave is worth it.



For the binding, I ended up using the same print I used for the sashing. By an accident of math, I cut way more than I needed for the sashing, but the leftover worked out to a little more than the right amount for the binding… it was obviously meant to be, even though you lose the celtic pattern when the binding folds over to the back. It does create a neat little scallop though.

And now the quilt is packed safely away for the big day… but not before it got the seal of approval from not one, but TWO snoopervisors.

It’s a good thing Dave won’t notice a little more cat hair…

Little knits

This past weekend I did a HUGE clean-out on two places in the house that were in desperate need of it. In the kitchen got rid of anything we didn’t use (why were we hanging onto a sushi dining set when there’s only two of us, and only Dave eats it, and is quite content to do so from the plastic tray it comes in?), had too many of (again, there’s only two of us, but we literally had about 40 coffee mugs).

Next up was the bedroom, where I not only got rid of redundant bedding (store bought blankets just aren’t as exciting when you start quilting…), and anything in my closet that didn’t fit, or I just wasn’t wearing (like why do I have SIX white t-shirts when I don’t even wear t-shirts except to bed? And especially when the t-shirt drawer is already overflowing.)

And last, I cleaned out the hat/mitt basket. It was filled with old knits, single mittens, holey (not intentionally) hats… and other bits of knitterly detritus that build up from a decade of improving your knitting skills. Lone mittens and holey (unintentional) knits got tossed. Anything I wasn’t going to wear, but had hung onto because I loved the yarn or put so much time into making it, when into the donation bin. It was left with a couple good sets, but there was a notable absence of hand-warmers. I had plenty of fingerless pairs, but no mitts or gloves.

I had no travel knitting on the go, just the never-ending poncho, so it must have been a sign. I went stash diving and came up with a lovely skein of Twinkle Cat in “Spice”.


The pattern is Knotty. I’ve knit it before (sadly that pair was one of the ones that got purged due to holes). It’s a nice pattern with a great result, even though I actually hate knitting gloves. (Those individual fingers drive me batty). I’d knit myself some mitts, but they just aren’t as practical as a good, sturdy pair of gloves.

Anyway… I had a long wait for Dave at the dentist earlier this week, so I’ve made some good progress. The cables really require some attention, but it’s totally worth it.

Night sky

As I mentioned the other day, Sam has commissioned me to make another quilt. This one is for a young lady in her circle who loves the colour blue.

We picked out this lovely collection of jewel-tones, and paired it with with a soft, warm grey for contrast.


Both Sam and I love star blocks, so we settled on Big Sky for the pattern. It’s another easier-than-it looks pattern, and in the two colours it has a stunning result.


Once you get the hang of them, they go quite quick. I can now complete two in just over an hour.


I have 12 more to make.

I’m going to see Sam on December 14th, and I’m hoping to have this finished by then. To do that, I need to have the top completed by December 6. It’s doable, as long as work doesn’t get too crazy.

Here’s hoping…

Back to poncho purgatory

With Skullduggery done and out of the way, I’ve turned my attention back to the never-ending poncho…


Or at least I tried. I had to do a bit of an extraction first… I wouldn’t mind so much except our snow has melted and led to a rise in dirty paws…


When Relic has been letting me work on it, I’ve made some decent  headway.


It’s definitely growing, but I still have quite a way to go.


The front needs to be at least 25″ long, and I am tempted to make it longer. So I’m keeping to my original plan… at least 4 rows a night (more if I can manage it)


After that, Rupert gets to keep it warm for me.

Little things

Christmas is getting closer, and I have to say, I’m really getting into the spirit this year. I’m not sure why, but I’m rolling with it.

It started with this little guy…


A couple of weeks ago, he popped up in my facebook feed, the creation of the crafty lady who made my adorable couch sloth. After I bought the sloth, I started following her on FB because her creations are just so darn adorable.  And as soon as I saw this little Grinch, I just had to have him. Luckily, she had a craft show not far from Mom’s, so he now lives with me!

Then this week, I met up with the lovely Aneesha for dinner


And afterwards we did a little shopping. Since I have all my Christmas gifts taken care of, it was mostly shopping for me!

And that means plants!

It’s just another Christmas cactus, but have you ever seen a colour like it? All pinky-peachy-yellow? It reminds me of my Chicago Peace rose.

And last… before we left the mall, we stopped in at the Lego store, just to marvel at all the amazing creations. But right in the middle of the store, they have bins filled with body parts (sounds terrible, I know), so you can make your own lego men. I just HAD to make me and Dave.

Yes… I have a sword… they didn’t have any cats…

I was going to wrap them up and give them to him for Christmas… but I just couldn’t wait!

What little things are making you smile?