Welcome! Here’s an FO

Welcome! And thanks for following us at our new home!

Now to business!

When Rowan and Paisley were down for March Break, Mom took them on a little shopping trip to Claire’s. Apparently, Miss Rowan fell in love with a Unicorn make-up brush, but decided it was too expensive.

I knew where I could get a full set for a decent price, so I put in an order and waited for them to arrive.And then of course, they needed a case.

This was a quick project. I didn’t have a pattern, but based it off a knitting needle case I used to have. It’s just a simple square, with a stitched pocket for each brush.The whole thing rolls up, and secures with a ribbon. Perfect for stashing in a back pack for sleepovers!

15 thoughts on “Welcome! Here’s an FO

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I love it here. I keep trying to make one of those for the Diva, as she is avid with the makeup stuff. But she has declined so far. I may just make her one and make her use it. LOL It’s a lovely case, and sure to please your girl.


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