The Empire Rips Back

I know I said I was planning to finish the Empire Line cardigan by the end of May but…


.. yeah. That’s all that remains of the first sleeve. It was just knitting up way too wide. It’s suppose to be a bit of a bell sleeve, but this one was going to do some serious dinging. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with wearing it so big – so it was time to rip back and try again with a smaller size

But not quite yet.  Here we are halfway through June… and I really need to get moving on the Fair stuff. So Empire is going into hibernation until at least September. Hopefully when I pull her out again, I’ll be super motivated to finish those sleeves!

6 thoughts on “The Empire Rips Back

  1. Your past 2 blog posts make me feel like I need to go watch some Star Wars now. I might just have to rewatch The Last Jedi to irritate my roommates since they like to tell me all the things they find irritating about it, while I enjoyed it and I do not cry like a sloppy mess — which is what I do when I watch Rogue One. In fact, I avoid Rogue One.

    Good luck getting everything ready for the Fair. Cheering you on!

    Also Blogger is driving me nuts. I’m struggling to abandon it though.


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