Sunday garden stroll


Blue Girl is blooming! Isn’t she pretty. She’s not really blue, but a pale mauve.


Garden Party has opened up too, and she’s a stunner. Beautiful cream, which just a hint of blush.


Ebb Tide has bloomed and it is satisfactory. It’s actually not quite a purple as the picture shows (more a very dark wine), but I can live with it. Unfortunately, it’s a shrub rose, so it’s not great for cutting (a lot of buds on one stem) but it’s a lovely addition to the yard.


I was starting to think the dark pink Armeria wasn’t going to bloom (it usually blooms the same time as the light pink one), but it finally put up a few flowers.


The Lavender is just starting to bloom too. I love it because it will bloom all summer.

IMG_7434And last – a little mystery for you. My peonies have bloomed at last, but something strange has happened. You may recall that these were transplanted from my father’s garden a few years ago. It’s taken them all those years to finally bloom here… but here’s the mystery… my Dad’s peonies are DARK pink.

How the heck are mine LIGHT pink???

How the heck did that happen? I’m not going to complain – they are beautiful, and I actually prefer the lighter shade… but can ANYONE explain???

3 thoughts on “Sunday garden stroll

  1. I love the bloom on the Garden Party rose!!!!
    The answer to your mystery is your soil. Having a different PH from your Dad’s garden is why yours is a lighter pink. Do a simple soil test and you will see-I don’t remember which PH makes a lighter or darker bloom but you can compare the soils and find out. Nice job on all the roses!


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