Dragonflies set free

Despite the best efforts of our favourite floof ball…


I was also able to square away the Dragonfly Gallery top.


It was tough to get a good mix of the colours, without having any of the same centre prints side by side, but I think I managed it the best I could.


When I ordered the extra fabric for the sashing, this pretty print was on clearance. I was able to get enough for the backing. It may be a bit before this one is completely finished though, as I don’t have enough batting at the moment.

And while finishing another quilt is exciting enough, it’s also thrilling that this one left a nice pile of scraps for the Log Cabins.


And… doubly exciting….

If you’ve been keeping track, this means I now have TWO empty project boxes! Stay tuned for something new!

7 thoughts on “Dragonflies set free

  1. Hurray for a beautiful finish and hurray for scraps with a purpose and hurray for a new project! Lots and lots of cheering at your house!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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