Cool as a coneflower

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got quite a collection of coneflowers in the garden. There’s a few really good reasons for this. First – they are pollinator magnets – butterflies and bees absolutely love them. Second – the bloom like crazy. Though they don’t really get going until July – they bloom right to October. Big, beautiful flowers that last for days and days. And last – they come in a great variety of colours.

You’ve all seen my Strawberry Mango Smoothie Coneflower


With it’s lovely golden petals with just a touch of pink.

But I’ve also got Ruby Star


A nice bold magenta

And the standard purple coneflower


Which looks quite pink in this picture. In truth – it is very close to Ruby Star in colour – it’s just a touch more purple.

Out front, they don’t get as much sun, so the plants are a little smaller – but we’ve got a lovely white




And orange


There are many other types of coneflowers, though they usually have to be ordered through seed/bulb suppliers. I hope to add at least a couple more over the next few years.

Oh – and one bonus reason to love coneflowers…


The bring in the finches too!


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