A bump in the country road

Before we get into today’s post… the wonderful Natalie over at Bee Meadow Farms has taken in a sweet little stray who’s going to need a tail amputation…


if you’d like to help out, there’s a GoFundMe page set up to cover his vet bill. Full details of his situation are on the fundraising page. Once he’s all healed up he’ll be up for adoption. We appreciate any help you can give!

Now… to business.

A while back, I bought a jelly roll of these beautiful fabrics…


with the intention of making a lap quilt for the living room. Since I had an empty box and needed a new project, I went searching for a new quilt pattern for said jellyroll. I settled on Summer in the Park, and at first everything went swimmingly.

I sewed my strips together and then sewed them into tubes with no problems. Then I got cutting. And somehow, with I opened the triangles and ironed them into squares…


Well that doesn’t look quite square… does it?

So… I set to squaring them all up. An hour or so later, they looked like proper squares… but then I realized… about half were 8″… and the other half 7 3/4″…


Once I got them all the same size, it was time to layout…


But I made a bit of a miscalculation here. In the tutorial, they pair a pattern jelly roll with plain fabric. I decided to just split my jelly roll into colours and neutral and used what I had. But as you can see – that leads to trouble with the layout… i.e: colours side by side instead of mixed up.

After a little time wracking my brain, I was able to come up with a layout that worked…


It’s not quite like the quilt in the tutorial, but I can live with it! Though I think I’ll wait a bit to sew it all together… make sure all the bad luck on this one has run out!

6 thoughts on “A bump in the country road

  1. Araignee

    I did that once when I was helping Daddio square up some blocks of his. I like your save! Quilting can be quite a strange journey sometimes.


  2. Nearly every quilter has a similar experience. It’s important to forge ahead and accept where the process is taking you. One of my quilting mantras is, “It is what it is.” Perfection and quilting are not synonymous terms.


  3. I started FMQ a table runner, and stopped after it was evident I suck at FMQ and rulers! Oh well, I will practice on something that isn’t important and maybe get better. Love your fabric mix, it will be fine when you decide it’s ready for sewing. Love the sock from yesterday!


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