Garden treasures

The surprise sunflower has bloomed.


It’s not very big, but it is pretty.

There was another surprise under the raspberries…


A teeny tiny Black-Eyed Susan

Just how teeny is it?


That’s my thumb beside it.

And speaking of small.. I continue to grow the world’s smallest, saddest strawberries…


That one is about as big as that mini-Susan.

I was looking forward to plucking the first ripe cherry tomato…


But something got to it first. I found it half-eaten and shriveled on the ground beside the pot.
I’m not too upset though… there’s more on the way…IMG_8304

Last year, I started some hollyhocks from seed. They got shaded by the sunflowers and didn’t grow very tall or bloom. This year, they got nice and tall, but they seemed to get some sort of disease, and all the bloomed opened half formed, and brown…. until the other day

IMG_8290They were supposed to be big, frilly double blooms… but hey – at least it bloomed!

And last… my pink Stargazer lilies have bloomed.


I think of all my lilies, these are my favourites.

What’s growing in your garden that you just treasure?



4 thoughts on “Garden treasures

  1. Araignee

    I’ve got some Susans in bloom right now. I transplanted them from Daddio’s front bed. They are also pretty small but they make me happy when I see them. They are right next to Mom’s mini Hosta that I potted up and brought here at the same time. Sigh……


  2. I love your garden!!! My personal favorites this year are the tiny trees , teeny tiny weenie trees. I want them to make it! and my cosmos package of seeds showed orange and yelllow , but they are purple.s..hmmmm


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