Friday Felines

Thank you for all your kind words about Lady. It seems like there’s been a lot of loss here the last couple of years, but that’s just because our pets were all around the same age. The only ones left of the old crew are Mom’s Tibbi (he’s 14), and our Peno (she’s 15). Both are in decent health, so hopefully we won’t be saying goodbye any time soon.

We’ve all had a good cry about Lady, and no doubt will cry a little bit more. For my part, I just try to focus on the now. And right now, I have a little bit of sweetness to share with you.

Unlike Tux and Rocky, the cats we have now are not really snugglers. They get along (some better than others), but they never really snuggle up together. So I was surprised to witness this scene the other day…


8 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Aw! Our boys, the doodles, aren’t cuddlers, but the pup sure tried to snuggle his big brother when he first arrived, but big bro wasn’t having it. Sometimes they lay on the huge ottoman together, fairly close, but not intentionally.


  2. Samantha at Running Tangled

    I am always surprised when my orange and black snuggle too. Cecil was a big snuggler and would plunk himself down on the girls and accepted it (and groomed him), but Marlin, Ruby and Ezra are not snugglers and without someone forcing themselves on the others for snuggle time, it doesn’t happen very often.


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