FO: Kitty cat hat

Another FO for the fair (I love small projects)

This time around, a Kitty Cat Hat (for the child’s hat category). You can read about the history of these hats  in our family here.

This one is for a child of about six years, and luckily, Roxy has a small enough head to model it.  I used Patons Classic wool in “Commotion” and the colours remind me of a nice, vibrant sunset.

With this, I have 10 projects done and ready for the fair. I entered 11 last year, so I’m pleased with my progress. There’s still about three and a half weeks left to complete a few more!

10 thoughts on “FO: Kitty cat hat

  1. Shirley

    Absolutely adorable hat! You have really been productive and I’m betting quite a few will be first prize entries. Thank you for sharing all your projects.


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