As the garden grows

Join me for a little stroll around the garden…


The weather remains hot and sticky, but the roses are still trying their best. This one is Scentimental. The flowers are quite small – almost mini rose size. It will be interesting to see if they get larger as the plant matures.


Garden Party put up another bloom too. It’s such a classic creamy colour, I love it.


But Navy Lady is the one that’s really showing off. Look at these huge red clusters!


The Black-Eyed Susans are putting on their seasonal show. These ones are out back, but next year, I’m going to put some out front. They are such a lovely bit of late summer colour.


The Crimson Dwarf Sunflowers are neither Crimson, nor really dwarf (they are about four feet now), but oh well. They are pretty none-the-less.


After it’s near death experience this spring, the Butterfly bush has bounced back beautifully. It’s so nice to see blooms on it.


And last, these pretty two-toned Snap Dragons make me smile every time I step out the door.

I love my little garden land!


7 thoughts on “As the garden grows

  1. Shirley

    Your flowers are all just beautiful! I have always loved black-eyed susans but never had enough sun for them to thrive. The sunflowers are just wonderful even though they are not what you expected when you planted them. Do you enter any plants in the fair? I always see a variety of cut flowers at the state fair and yours are certainly beautiful enough to place.


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