FO: Scandinavian Sugar Skulls

After working on so many chunky projects, it felt really weird to switch gears, (and needles) and go back to fingering weight.


It took a little more time, but it was worth it. For the Teen Hat category, I give you – Scandinavian Sugarskulls!


I had some Barn Cat gradient kicking around in the stash (dye up to make some socks), and  I thought it would be perfect for the background of the hat.


It’s suppose to go from grey, to grey-teal, to turquoise, to duck egg green, but as you can see, the transition from grey-teal to turquoise isn’t quite as smooth as  I would like. But for the purposes of this hat, I can live with it.


The pompom isn’t quite a big as I would like either,  but this is the biggest size pompom maker  I have… so again, I’ll live with it.

But despite it’s flaws, it’s a pretty cool looking hat, and after the fair, it will be tucked away for Miss Paisley.

9 thoughts on “FO: Scandinavian Sugar Skulls

  1. Shirley

    Actually, I think that is a perfect teen hat! Love the design and the colors. I even think the pompom is great and like the fact that it is the color of the last gradient so matches. Another blue ribbon project though I cannot imagine how you find time to complete all of those beautiful projects.


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