Fair round-up

Here it is…


The moment you’ve all been waiting for… the fair results!

As you will recall – I entered 19 categories…. and I came away with 12 ribbons. If I’m honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the results… but let me get into the details…

  1. Infant’s dress – Leaf Love Dress – First
  2. Infants cardigan – Dora Cardigan – Second  (The first place cardigan wasn’t the Leaf and Lace cardi, but it was a VERY similar design)
  3. Baby Afghan – Bias Afghan – Fourth. (This did surprise me… it’s not a super spectacular knit – just garter. I didn’t really expect a ribbon at all)
  4. Infant booties and bonnet – Pumpkin Hat and Baby Janes – Second
  5. Children’s Hat/Mitts – Kitty Cat Hat and Mitts – Third
  6. Child’s Cardigan – Sirdar Cardigan with Short Sleeves – Nothing (I was curious if this one would ribbon… I thought the colour might turn people off – not everyone likes orange.)
  7. Child’s Slippers – Sleepy Lion Slippers – Third
  8. Child’s Toy – Octopus – Missing!!! (It wasn’t on the table at all!!! There was also no first place knit visible for the toy category, so maybe it won and just got misplaced. I’ll find out Sunday when I go to pick everything up)
  9. Teen Hat – Scandinavian Sugar Skulls – First
  10. Teen Shrug – Hitofude – Fourth (I definitely thought this one would do better – it’s beautiful lace and made with Camel silk. There was a pencil note on the tag that said “over” so maybe they thought it was too big to be a shrug. I don’t count it as a cardigan because of the way it fits)
  11. Teen Gloves/Mittens  – Knotty – nothing (I didn’t expect much with these – I knit them a few years back and threw them in on a whim)
  12. Adult Cardigan – Blaster  – Missing!!! (I know I didn’t get a ribbon because all the ribbons were accounted  for in this category, but my cardigan wasn’t even on the table. I hope it was just hiding under something)
  13. Adult Shawl – Highgarden – Nothing (This was a shock. It’s a beautiful beaded lace shawl. The first place shawl was definitely deserving… but some of the others….)
  14. Adult Socks – Aldershot – Nothing (This was definitely the biggest shock of the whole thing – mostly because the first place winner was a pair of plain vanillas in a varigated green. Literally every other pair entered was better than the winning pair.)
  15. Adult Hat and Mitts – Wildwood and Mitts – First
  16. Adult Slippers – Sleepy Bunny Slippers – Fifth
  17. Boot cuffs – Owl Boot cuffs – Fifth
  18. Purse – Lövspetsväska – First
  19. Dishcloth – Special Little Snowflake – Nothing (Another surprise. I think this was definitely a category where they chose the winners by colour

So the finally tally is 4 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 2 fourths, and 2 fifths.  (One more ribbon than last year if you’re keeping track, but last year, I only entered 11 items). Not a bad showing, but a couple of those non-ribbon winners do make me wonder if it’s worth entering next year… and those missing items are a little concerning… I guess I’ll decided after Sunday when I pick everything up.

The rest of the fair was a touch dissapointing. I decided to go up Thursday night instead of Friday – the weather was better, and I figured if I got there right when it opened, I could be the crowds. And I did… but I discovered that there’s a reason the entry fee is 60% less on Thursday than the rest of the weekend. Literally half of the vendors weren’t open – including my Apple Cider cart, and the Fudge makers… my two main favorites of the fair. I considered getting some cotton candy,  but with no fudge or cider… what was the point?

The animal barns were pretty much empty too. All I got to see were these pigeons with some fashionable footwear…

And this mama hen with her chicks…


And a few buns in the petting area  (none of which wanted to be pet…)


So I left after about half an hour and took the back roads home, enjoying a nice long country drive.

With those disappointments, I’ll leave you with a little throwback picture from a more exciting fair…

Valerie - purple sweater!

That’s a pic of me, from 1983 (maybe 84) at the Ancaster Fair. Yes, Mom made that sweater (it was my favourite). And it’s proof that I’ve always enjoyed driving with the top down (and man, I miss my convertible!!!)


11 thoughts on “Fair round-up

  1. I think you did really well and should be very proud of your results 🙂 |For a start you entered LOADS!! Its very subjective though, and I guess people have different tastes.
    Love the pic of you in your convertible LOL


  2. Araignee

    Congrats!!! But those missing items are worrisome. I hope they show up. I love the picture of mini you. Look at your hair color! And those streaks….to die for!


  3. Shirley

    Congratulations of so many ribbons! The items you entered were very impressive. It’s interesting that an item you didn’t expect to do well received a ribbon while something exquisite did not place as well. Of course, you have no idea what the judges are using as determining factors for winning or level. Sure hope all items are accounted for tomorrow! Such a bummer that you were not able to get your favorite fair food. That’s half the fun. Love the photo of you at the fair. Again, congratulations! I think you did exceptional.


  4. Great post! You did so well! I enjoyed reading the line-up and outcomes and commentary! I read ahead and saw your missing items returned so I am very happy for you. This post also contains a whole lot cute, not just the animals, but that photo of you as a little… adorable! I hope you get to enjoy the convertible life again.


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