Making a monster

As many of you know, pinterest can be a terrible, wonderful, terrible place.

A while back, I was browsing for something, ended up going down a rabbit hole and came across the cutest Hallowe’en wreath idea ever. I just had to make it.

I went out, got all the supplies, and then… nothing. They sat in my stash for over two years as I created a billion other things.

When Burton started stealing the styrofoam balls I needed for the eyes, I decided it was high time I got it made.


And isn’t it fantastic. It’s super easy to make. You just need a lot of tulle (about six yards), a styrofoam ring, a couple styrofoam balls (or pingpong balls) for eyes, and  some foam or felt sheets for the teeth.

Cut your tulle into strips (like for the tutus), and tie them around the ring. It’s a little time-consuming, but worth it. Then you trim the tulle, cut your teeth, draw pupils on the balls, and glue everything together….

Voila! You’ve created a monster!

Mine is ready for the trick-or-treaters next week! Sadly, I won’t be around. I’ve got French class, so Dave’s on candy duty. But I’m sure I’ll hear all about it when  I get home!

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