My apologies

I am a bad cat mommy…

I got all wrapped up in all this sewing, and knitting and Hallowe’ening… that I totally forgot to mark Rupert’s birthday.


I know! I’m sorry! I’m horrible!

We don’t know Rupert’s actual birthday, but we know he was born sometime around the beginning of October. And here it is.. almost a month later… but out favourite ginger is now a Big Three Years Old!

In the last month or so, he’s been decidedly more cuddly. But we are pretty sure that’s just because the temperature has dropped and until a few days ago, I refused to turn on the heat.

He is still our little enigma cat… totally sweet and saucy, all at the same time.

Happy birthday little Ru!

7 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. Araignee

    I love a ginger cat. They were always my favorite and wouldn’t you know I have every color but. Herbie is a flame point but he’s mostly white. Only his tail and and ears are ginger. The two newest to the kitty clan are tuxedo grays. Almost identical. What are the odds of that?


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