As autumn wanes…

While it isn’t officially winter yet, we are definitely on the down side of autumn. I know there is a reason the official dates exist, but to me, winter is November, December, January, and February. Spring is March, April and May. Summer is June, July and August. And Autumn is September and October.

And since my autumn is pretty much done, I figured I should get some autumn projects squared away. One of which is the Autumn in the Country quilt top.

I had the centre done, I just needed to whip through some borders.


And whip through them I did.

If I’m being honest, this is a quilt I royally screwed up. I was more or less following the Summer in the Park tutorial. However, I have a bad habit of skipping through and not watching the whole thing.

If I had, I would have seen that they used two jelly rolls – one print, one plain. I split my jelly roll into colours and neutrals, which meant I was already down on the number of squares I’d be able to make. That wasn’t a huge deal, it was only intended to be a couch quilt anyway. But then I went and cut a bunch of the squares wrong, and sadly, there was no salvaging them. So my centre ended up being much smaller than planned.

But luckily, in one of Craftsy’s 60% off sales, I was able to get  more of the white fern, and green farmhouse fabrics to build it out with borders


I love that farmhouse fabric so much, that I grabbed enough of the white version for the backing.


So that’s another top out of my WIP pile (and on to Mom’s!)

Do you think I can finish another top before I start something new? Should we take bets?

9 thoughts on “As autumn wanes…

  1. Araignee

    Autumn is just starting here. Winter doesn’t show up until January anymore and hangs around through March. Love the top and that fabric is just too perfect.


  2. Looks like that was the plan all along! Autumn is still here with a hint of winter. Cold nights, mild days. Here are seasons are: Winter Dec-Feb, Spring March-April, Summer May-September, Fall Oct-Nov. I would much prefer our Fall be a lot longer!!! But we go from hot to less hot to not as hot, to cold! And Fall is about 2 weeks long. LOL


  3. Excellent recovery – it looks like it was planned that way from the beginning!
    We had an abrupt change from days in the 80’s to days in the 40’s, with a little yoyoing before it settled on the cold side. And rain. Rain and more rain and even more rain.


  4. The farmhouse fabric is cute and makes a nice border and backing.

    I would divide the months into seasons exactly like you. Winter has been knocking on the door since mid-October.


  5. Shirley

    The quilt top is beautiful! What a great save and it looks like you planned it that way. Love the farmhouse fabrics. Unfortunately, neither fall or spring last long enough for me. The past couple of years, summer just would not end. We have only have a couple of weeks of real fall weather. I think that is one reason I can’t believe it is already November. No way would I take that bet! Looking forward to seeing the next project.


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