A walk with Jem

IMG_9790When Mom and I did the photos for the Empire Line Cardigan, we took Jem along for the walk.

Not far from Mom’s house is a beautiful walking trail with a new subdivision on one side, and Twenty Creek on the other.

The creek has been the backdrop for many of our photoshoots, because it’s always so pretty, no matter the season.

Now that I work from home, I’m not getting out much. The survey where we live seems to be a little bit insulated, weather-wise, and while that’s good for my garden, it means if I don’t get out, I really don’t get to see much of the fall colours. I was starting to feel like I was missing out.


IMG_9824But there was plenty of colour along the creek. And with all the rain we’ve had, the creek was running VERY high.

If you’re wondering just how high… that picture to the right… that’s pretty much the exact spot where we took the pictures for April Come She May a few years back.

If you click on the link, you’ll see I was standing about in the middle of the creek… though there was much creek at all after a pretty dry summer.

That said, this kind of up and down isn’t that unusual for that particular creek.  It’s levels vary greatly throughout the year.

But the leaves and the creek weren’t the only things to see on our walk. Though I couldn’t get pictures, there was a Red Tailed Hawk in full hunt, a pair of shy Blue Jays, and a cute little pack of sparrows chillin’ on a creek-side bush.

We haven’t had a really hard frost yet, so the wild asters and chamomile were still hanging in there. The thistle flower was a nice pop of purple, and I just love milkweed pods. Because of all the rain, they haven’t had much chance to dry out and open yet, but I’m sure they soon will.

And I wasn’t the only one posing at various locations along our walk…


Miss Jem is quite the super model!

6 thoughts on “A walk with Jem

  1. Araignee

    How lovely!!! We don’t much color here either and I feel like I’m missing out too. Now that Daddio is gone and I’m not helping at the rink anymore I’ve really got nowhere to go. I really don’t mind since I’ve got so many toys here to play with but I do miss seeing all the foliage. Maybe I need to get out next week for a drive before it’s all gone.


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