Scrappin’ it

I did it! Instead of starting something new, I finished the last quilt top I had in my boxes to complete.

It’s mostly because I’m not sure what I want to start next… but whatever, I’ll take it as a win.


So here’s the Scrappage Patch quilt top all wrapped up. There’s just something wonderfully classic about a simple sashed nine-patch quilt. The very first quilt Mom made me when I was about six or seven was a nine-patch sashed with pale yellow. I literally loved that blanket to death.

For this one, I chose a pale blue sashing (and I’m happy to say I have more than enough leftover to border the Rainbow quilt). I didn’t want to go with white sashing because a few of the squares have white backgrounds – same with black. Light blue seemed like a good compromise that wouldn’t clash with any of the other fabrics.

This one is intended as a Christmas present for Dave’s Mom … but for Christmas NEXT year! (Yes, I’m seriously working on presents for next year.) I already have some knitted things for her this year, and Mom’s got enough on her plate without having to whip out another of my quilts by Christmas.

So now… I guess I better decided on some new patterns to start…

11 thoughts on “Scrappin’ it

  1. I keep saying I am going to take my small scraps and make nine patches are leaders and enders, but I’ve yet to get to that point. Great job on finishing another top!! Now go crazy and start 3 more?


  2. Shirley

    The nine patch quilt is beautiful! And YAH for you having completed some 2019 gifts. At the rate you are going, you will have all your on-going projects completed by end of 2018. Will be fun to see your new projects.


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